Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Orleans to Key West Redux

What a winter!! I know, I know it wasn't that cold but we were glad to see a warm March. Roy was ready to throw me over the side, he was that tired of having me complain about the cold.

But we (he) got an awful lot accomplished. In December Wahoo went to Seabrook Marine to have the bottom done and pull the mast for the really big deal of installing the Raymarine E7d Chart plotter with Radar. Moonlight Marine and David Burke were just a great help getting the things we needed. If any of you need help with things nautical he's the one. Plus his kids are so cute!

While the mast was down we also installed our long distance WiFi antennae to the top of the mast and ran the cable down through the mast, then snaked it under the floor to finally have it emerge and be connected to our Time Capsule(router). The Time Capsule is a WiFi router as well as an automatic backup device. Now as long as there is an access point ashore that we can - well access, we have WiFi throughout the boat. The antennae is an 8dpi omni directional unit connected to a Ubiquiti BulletM2HP all using power over internet to allow us to receive Wifi signals. The farthest we have connected so far is about 2 miles. We bought ours last year from Bob at Island Time PC and can't recommend him high enough. His customer service is superb! ( Roy decided to install a line stabilizer also because power aboard a sailboat isn't stable.
Wahoo on the Travel Lift at Seabrook
Mast being lifted off of Wahoo

We also installed an Epirb for safety sake and replaced 150' of anchor chain. The jib furler had been showing signs of wear for a couple of years, so it came off and got sent in for repairs. Ended up with...
well here's the story -

We sent it in for repairs in early November. First they just forgot about it, then it was Thanksgiving, then they forgot to look at it again, then it was Christmas followed by New Years (I don't know when these folks actually work). When we called again in early January they couldn't get to it because they closed two weeks for inventory! By now it was getting close to Mardi Gras and we were getting worried. The next time we called they were all apologetic and said they couldn't fix it but would send some replacement parts. Once the parts arrived - IT WAS A WHOLE NEW JIB FURLING SYSTEM! Value $3,500. costs to us $550. WOW!
Wahoo from top of Mast

Final installation for the WiFi antennae and radar

Wahoo received loving care in the repair and refurbish department. That includes both AC units (thanks Ralph from Comfort Services) and replacing insulation in the engine compartment. A new locker was built, the front engine compartment panel was replaced, our hailing port was updated from Lafitte to New Orleans and the dingy got a name (li'll hoo). The fixed windows in the salon got replaced as they were throughly scratched, cracked and crazed. But, (there's always a "but" it seems) Hunter's recommended caulking was wrong so the leaks got worse until we finally found a solution (hopefully). If you have the same problem use Dow 795 silicon building sealant. The list of repairs went on and on.

However, as we sail out the generator is NOT fixed thanks to the numb nuts at Kohler Headquarters. They swear they will have the CORRECT part at our next port of call that has a Kohler mechanic, I think that's Ft Meyers. Only a year trying to get this right.

See the tab "About Wahoo" at the top of the blog for more on a refurbished Wahoo, including pictures.

Anyway, its Wednesday morning the sky is blue, the wind is fresh and we have a following sea so we're on our way. 
Farewell New Orleans, We're gonna miss ya.

Hello To Our Next Adventure

Now stenciled on a Wahoo Bulkhead - thanks Dave and Angela

 New Orleans Municipal Harbor to Pass Christian Municipal Harbor 53.72NM

NOMH  30 01.96N   90 06.76W
Hwy 11 Bridge  30 11.75N    89 50.00W
I 10 Bridge 30 09.36N  89 37.78W
Rigolets RR Bridge 30 09.36N 89 37.78W


  1. It was great to see you before you set sail. The Wahoo looks wonderful. She's so comfy and all the new work is beautiful Roy. I'll be thinking about you lots and hope to catch up with you in Florida. And the adventure begins. Keep those blogs coming and lots of pictures. Love y'all , Lindy

    1. Just sent you a text. We are staying in Pass Christian today. Let's meet for breakfast.