Thursday, January 9, 2014

Geaux Saints!

l'ill hoo with Yolis in the distance
Angela's words of wisdom "Wear your most powerful shirts" about important games made us decide to rename l'ill hoo. Above is the new logo. Shouldn't that help come Saturday night?

We're still hanging around in Placencia. As Jimmy Buffet says: "A sailor spends his Christmas in a harbour on the hook". That's been us. This might be the longest we've ever stayed in one spot and it's kinda nice. There are lots of boats here, 21 on New Year's Eve. So plenty sailors to hang out at Yolis with. Lots of chatter each morning on the SSB during the Northwest Caribbean Net which covers from Isla Mujeres down to Roatan. Boats moving about, getting and giving weather updates and making plans.

Christmas was great! To try and replace our New Orleans Christmas Eve at Galatoire's we went to Robert's Grove for dinner. Robert's Grove is a wonderful resort that extends from the Placencia Lagoon to the Caribbean. We dined seaside at their lovely restaurant and had a 5 star meal. But, first we had to get there. Here I am, all dressed up,  pulling the dingy closer to the boat to go ashore - shoes go on last!

Of course we started with Martinis
 and a Christmas tree

Santa Came!  With Presents!

And a little rain didn't dampen New Year's Eve fun

Placencia's famous sidewalk
Festive Plates

Fireworks on the beach

 Now we're in the lagoon behind Placencia as we've just weathered a strong "Norther". The day after y'all were having that horrendous cold front it arrived in the NW Caribbean with gale force winds and rain. It even dropped the temperature down to 65. All the boats in the harbour scattered to seek a safer anchorage. Some left for Sapodilla lagoon and some to Placencia's lagoon. We tucked all the way in to a corner near Robert's Grove with two of our Quebecois friends. The winds here were never above 35kts but we were hearing news of gale force up the coast and awful conditions down in the Bay Islands with some boats washing ashore. Roy spent the time replacing the sound insulation in the engine compartment and I learned to use our new Sat Phone (iridium Extreme - Santa was very good) and how to get it to connect to the internet for weather and emergency messages.

Clouds are beginning to lighten and we'll head back to the harbour this afternoon or tomorrow.

If you haven't seen it - there's a new tab at the top of the blog. MAP-I've started putting in points where we've anchored. You can see the peninsular of Placencia. (might have to enlarge it). Someone let me know if it's not working.

Wahoo at anchor in the lagoon. Maya Mountains in the background. Those clouds were the very beginning of the Norther. Looked so calm on Monday morning but by evening we were rocking and rolling.