Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We know what it means to miss New Orleans

Austin in the boson's chair 

Counting the days as we complete the runs across the west coast of Florida.

Oysters in Apalachicola - again!
Today we should enter Alabama waters; and Friday we should be tying up behind NOYC.

Trying to decide on important things. Lets see... will the first New Orleans burger be at Clover Grill or Camilla Grill or maybe Port of Call.  First PoBoy at Parasols (well Tracy's nowdays) or Parkview. Can't wait for Obituary Cocktails, Washboard Chaz
at Three Muses and that palm lit patio on Pauger. We know that Tuesday will see us at Rum House for Taco Tuesday and next Friday's lunch? - Well only the G spot will do.

Thanks to all of you for helping us keep in touch with home. Your emails, texts and comments have meant a lot. We so can't wait to see everyone that we're inviting you all to the Yacht club for a "We're home party" on Friday. We should be in around 5pm but watch for a text message or email when we enter the Rigolets with a more exact time.

I can raise the main sail


No surf? No problem!

We've learned a lot about living on the water and on the boat. I've learned that I'll never like night sailing but can do it. Roy's learned that he can only grow his beard so long.

We've both learned that we want to do more.