Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Islands Farewell

Here we are, having come full circle on what are circles within circles. We are back in Puerto Rico which in May of 2014 was both an ending and a beginning. It was the end of our Eastward trip from Belize through the islands of the Greater Antilles and the start of our amazing time in the islands of the Caribbean known as the Lessor Antilles. For two years we have sailed, played, been amazed and grateful for this time in our lives. Back in 2011 when we first set out and could have been settling down to a good life in New Orleans we instead opted for new challenges and adventure! We took for our own, the words from "On the Road Again"...

Goin' places that I've never been

Seein' things that I may never see again

All Aboard!!

Alexis at the bubbly pool
dancing at the Trellis Bay full Moon party
Sarah & Alexis
But before this circle ended we had the great fun of having family aboard for a week. Our niece, Angela and her family, paid us a visit and we got to spend more time showing off our favorite spots in the US and British Virgin Islands. They were a treat to have aboard. The two girls, Sarah and Alexis (13 & 11) were up for whatever got thrown their way (even a broken head and rainy nights) and Dave and Angela settled easily into life aboard. Dave and Angela had sailed with us twice in the Keys when we were all newbies and new to Wahoo. Now several years later we are all more seasoned sailors. For the girls this was their first time aboard but as Sarah kept threatened to stow-away we got the feeling it won't be their last.
Dave & Sarah picking up a mooring

There's always goats

And a rainbow at the end!

After their departure Roy and I immediately headed to Isle Culebra, a good stop before moving on to Fajardo and Puerto del Ray Marina in Puerto Rico.  Wahoo was hauled out on Monday, June 27, to finally have the warranty bottom job that she'd needed since last summer in Grenada. It was touch and go even after Sea Hawk Paint agreed to the work so long as we came back to the original shipyard. Not until Tuesday morning did the final "i" get dotted and "t" get crossed on who is paying for what. THEM!!!

Repainting the boot top
The bad and the good
Splash day was Friday, July 1. We sailed for a brief visit to Vieques and Roy enjoyed some much needed down time. Unfortunately the Trades and SE swell did not allow an overnight stop at any of Vieques' famous bio-luminescent bays. We stayed snug on a mooring at Esperanza. Our July 4th started with a 55nm romp in 30 - 35 knot winds and 5 - 6 ft seas (nicely, mostly downwind) to Salinas our "hurricane hole" for this year. It ended with cocktails and manatees. Pretty cool.
Cane Garden Bay and Calderwood's Rum - there's aways time for rum!