Saturday, February 19, 2011

Getting Shipshape

WAHOO on the Travel Lift
In early January Roy took advantage of Austin's offer to help repaint the bottom of WAHOO. He also wanted to realign the water line, re stripe and wax the sides. Of course, it happened to be a bitterly cold week and way more work then either of them thought.
Yuk, Look at that bottom!

What a Beauty
First there was the long, long sail to get to Seabrook Marina as the entrance into the Industrial Canal was closed. A pleasant 5 mile sail ended being over 60 miles and sailed on a cold, misty day. The next morning WAHOO was lifted out and blocked. 10 days later, with the help of Will Fleming and Sam Adams, two of Austin's friends, the job was finally finished.

 Austin back at the house in his "birthday suit" - it was so cold!!!
                Roy used a laser level.